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Ghostwriting Service

Our professional ghostwriters own the power of diversity, they know the right way of compiling words and writing original stories to execute your ideas. Professional ghostwriting assistance that provides you with all the royalties concerning your book.

  • Get creative and professional writing assistance, for your very own manuscript.
  • An intriguing approach can become a key aspect of your project to captivate the audience around the globe.
  • A professional editor, dedicated to ensuring the quality of your content throughout the writing process.
  • Recognize the true potential in your book idea and ensure that it outshines in its respective genre with expert writing assistance.
  • Leave all the writing hassle on professional ghostwriters who are dedicated to carrying your legacy with keen attention to detail.
  • An on-board editor who ensures that your book is completely error-free as well as whether the quality of your book is maintained throughout from start to end or not.
Online Book Publication

Catering all the obstacles you’ll face through your author journey. Apex book writers stepped into the book writing agency to assist aspiring authors through the best-seller’s list. Say goodbye to all the worries, and execute your author journey with expert assistance.

  • No need to trouble yourself with the complexities of getting a distributor, Let experts publish your book for you.
  • Ensure that your book is available for people all around the globe. Make sure that your audience is never limited.
  • Professional Book Publishing services that are focused on making your book available throughout the globe.
  • Get your very own manuscript published on 10+ platforms and connect with a wider audience.
  • Engage with your target audience as well as captivate readers throughout the globe, ensuring that your book outshines in the respective genre.
  • Don’t worry about anything concerning the publishing of your very own manuscript. Elevate your author journey alongside professional assistance.
Branding And Publicity

After getting done with the writing process and catering to all the publishing obstacles for you, we also assist you in branding your book as well as with the publicity of your book through effective promotional campaigns.

  • Utilizing fundamental marketing techniques.
  • Advertising your book on several social media sites.
  • Getting your digital appearance optimized by the search engines to captivate more audience.
  • Advanced marketing strategies will be implemented.
  • Ensure increased digital visibility and exceptional social media ad campaigns on numerous platforms.
  • Organic keyword research to reach your specified target audience.
Book Video Trailer

A book video trailer can turn out to be a great marketing technique. We will attempt to develop a prestigious and fascinating book video trailer that will aim to entice a random internet user to purchase your book.

  • HD Book video trailers and high-quality photos.
  • Prioritize marketing your campaigns following the latest industry trends.
  • Ensure to get an interesting book video trailer.
  • High-definition book video trailer to captivate a larger audience.
  • Professional advice for our beloved customers.
  • Promising you an interesting book video trailer.
Web-Design and SEO services

In today’s date, it’s very important to keep your online presence top-notch as most people might observe your online appearance as your professional portfolio. We not only promise you a user-friendly and responsive website but also help you with expert SEO assistance.

  • Easy to use website.
  • Off-page as well as On-page SEO assistance.
  • Helping you with advanced SEO services.
  • User-friendly yet creative websites.
  • Advanced SEO curated to perfection.
  • Sustainable website ranking.

Most people nowadays choose to listen to an audiobook rather than reading a book. An audiobook recreates the sensation of hearing a story told the old-fashioned way, with a storyteller telling it verbally with the feel, and genre respectively rather than reading it on parchment.

  • High-quality audiobooks delivered.
  • Glitch-free audio.
  • Working with the clients closely on this project.
  • Prioritizing storytelling style genre respectively.
  • Assisting you choose the best narrator for your specific manuscript.
  • Prioritizing your book as we own it, ensures the authenticity being carried of the original written book.
Book cover design and Typesetting

In today's fast-paced world, the value of a book cover cannot be overstated. Whereas cover designs used to be straightforward, they now must capture the soul of the book to organically attract a potential reader to grab the book off the shelf and read it. Our designers collaborate closely with the writing team to ensure that the cover represents the content accurately.

  • Collaboration between the writers and the designers.
  • Dedicated professionals for typesetting purposes.
  • Designers that are willing to understand your aspirations and carry them through.
  • Unique and high-quality cover designs.
  • Professional and High-quality typesetting services.
  • To understand the reader’s viewpoint; we even conduct market research to serve you better.

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